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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

At the end of this morning's class a student said "Thank you for this beautiful class that helped bring me back to me."

This is what yoga practices do.... they support finding the practitioners internal balanced point...the place where you feel like you. In hatha yoga we do this by giving the mind something to focus on- the body and breath.

There are many ways to practice Yoga. The way I teach is rooted in Classical Yoga and includes an 8 Fold Path designed to bring students into union with themselves and the world around them. In the 8 fold path includes practices of discipline,  mindfulness,  movement,  breathing, sense soothing, meditation and surrender. 

This week in classes I'm bringing wisdom from Ram Dass into Hatha yoga classes and we are exploring "Be Here Now" as the group intention.

Ram Dass talks about the practice of presence as being the way to cultivate the witness within- this is the part of you that sees it all without judgments or opinions. It watches the parts of you that judges and labels and loves you there in your humanness. This is your Highest Self. 

The way that I teach is lighthearted and playful because afterall "life is better laughing" quoting a good friend.  I also teach in a trauma informed way which means that I hold the space for students to be who they are without judgment and am open to processing if needed.

To explore with me this week visit

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I offer classes M-F for all levels and have an On Demand video library. 


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