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Soulhood Circle Community

Live Online Virtual Sacred Monthly Gatherings

Illustrated Medical Heart

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Come One, Come All

A Manifesto

The broken-hearted wanderers

The open-hearted warriors

The dreamers without dreams

The dreamers with dreams

Let us inspire one another

To heal and grow

Let us learn to speak our truth if we feel called

Let us learn to listen to others without judgement

Let us learn to hold sacred space for one another

Space ruled by loving kindness and compassion for all

We have all seen the darkness

We have all seen the light

Life lives in polarities

Our mission here is to find a balance in-between

On the inside

We cannot control the outside

We can only control the work we put in

To move through the chaos with as much love, ease, grace and flow as possible

Many of us feel alone

Surrounded by the sleepwalking taking in deadening content

The walking dead are bombarding you through: tv, news, advertising, social media, algorithms, movies, music, video games, conversations…

What we take in matters, it feeds us

Not just sensory wise- it feeds us energetically, emotionally and mentally

You are what you eat, watch, listen to and think about

Let our time together be screen time that feeds your Soul in community

60 minutes monthly to unplug from the madness

90 minutes quarterly to burn away what no longer serves you and to live intentionally

60 minutes even just once to try it out and see how it feels

Here we come together and feel less alone

Here we feel seen and heard

Here we learn how to truly listen to others

Here we get inspired

Here we remember our connection to our soul-

Spark, light, spirit

Whatever you want to call it

Here we remember that our individual spark

Is connected to all other sparks

Through a Divine thread of love

Here we tap into the lost art of connecting to all that is through ritual

This experience is magic if you open to it

When you come, you come as you are

Sometimes you will be in the light

Sometimes you will be in the dark

Sometimes you will laugh

Sometimes you will cry

Sometimes both

 Every time you will heal a little part of you

We all have the right to

Be here

Have fun

Be uniquely ourselves in all facets and shades


Be loved

Express ourselves

Be heard

Tap into wisdom within

Remember our connection to everything in the Universe

Showing up for these gatherings is a commitment to


Each other

Everyone in our lives

A commitment to bring ourselves into balance bit by bit

However long it takes

We keep going each step of the way with

Loving kindness, compassion, gratitude and lighthearted curiosity

Sometimes you will lean

 Sometimes you will shine

Every time you will come home to yourself a little more

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