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About Me

Consider me like a butterfly navigating, and teaching others how to navigate, life's challenges with grace.



The path of the butterfly takes courage, the caterpillar literally falls apart in the chrysalis before being rebuilt into the butterfly...

Hi there! My name is Veronica Carpenter, and I am a sole proprietor of Blissful Butterfly Yoga. Allow me to share my story of personal transformation, which has led to the inspiration behind my business, along with my educational and work experience.

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, attending Catholic grade school and an Eastern Orthodox high school. Although my physical and educational needs were met as a child, my emotional and mental needs were not. As I entered adulthood, I struggled with anxiety and depression resulting from being a survivor of Developmental Trauma ages 0-17. I leaned on many crutches to numb, distract, and escape.  Over the years, I have slowly but surely learned how to rewrite my unhealthy coping mechanisms with healthy ones. Today, I have a full toolbox of supports to help me in ride the waves of life with more ease, turning my times of struggle and crisis into merit badges of strength and resiliency. I believe that self-compassion, self-acceptance, lightheartedness, regular application of yoga practices & lifestyle principles, and sharing my story without shame have been the biggest supporters of my personal healing.

In 2002, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bloomsburg University. I started practicing yoga in 2003 and began teaching in 2007 at Twisted Monkey Yoga Studio in Rockledge, PA. Since then, I have completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Beyond Asana in Philadelphia in 2014 (which included a service project where I fundraised over $6k for buildOn and traveled to Malawi, Africa, to Mchereka Village, and helped build a primary school), a 30 Day Living Yoga Residential Training at Yogaville, VA in 2017, and a 500 Hour YTT at the YogaLife Institute in Devon, PA in 2019. Most recently, in 2021, I completed an 800 Hour Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training at the YogaLife Institute. With over 2000 hours of teaching experience in various studios and community settings, I have taught yoga to all ages and abilities. Pre-pandemic, I was teaching at 5 studios throughout Camden County, NJ. When the pandemic hit, Blissful Butterfly Yoga was born, and I began teaching virtually.

In addition, I am experienced in working with children in the yoga and mental health fields. I have taught both typically developing and special needs children yoga ages 1-17 in studio, camp, community, and school settings. I have also worked as a Personalized Childcare Provider in Camden County, NJ since 2018, a Training Specialist at The Center for Autism in Philadelphia, PA from 2016-2017, and a Mental Health Therapist/Specialist at The Center for Autism from 2008-2016.

Through my educational and life experiences, I have created Blissful Butterfly Yoga, which offers practical and playful services to humans of all ages. The goal of my offerings is to help anxious humans in finding balance to support self-love and stress relief. For adult students, I currently offer  supports such as weekly accessible live Online Yoga Classes, Yoga On Demand, Monthly Online Sacred Gatherings called Soulhood Circles, Yoga Therapy Sessions (New 5-month immersive experience coming soon), and Mindful Nature Special Events (also open to children 10-17 years) in warmer months. For child students of all ages, I offer in-home services such as Yoga Therapy Sessions and Mindful Care Time. I also collaborate with those interested in bringing yoga and mindfulness to children in schools, camps and community settings.

Above all, I have found massive therapeutic benefits for myself and for those I’ve worked with through application of the ancient practices and principles of yoga, which were designed to bring humans into balance with themselves and the world around them. The key players in deep-seated healing on a yogic path are a curious mindset, loving kindness and compassion in thought, word, and deed, acceptance of self and the world around just as is, and regular care of the body, energy, emotions, mind & spirit.

Blissful Butterfly Yoga is the culmination of my life’s work and is all about supporting others in their self-love and stress relief journeys. I hold space and guide others through the sometimes messy yet magical metamorphosis that occurs as a result of practically and playfully applying the principles of classical yoga in their lives. ​

If you've made it this far, thanks for taking the time to learn about me.

Love & Gratitude,


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