Adventure Sparks Divinity

My morning adventure was waking up at 3am to drive to see the sunrise. It felt fucking phenomenal to do this for myself. As I stood, danced, sang, breathed, and moved my body- I mindfully spoke to God/Goddess/Universal Oneness, voiced my gratitude and asked to be an open vessel of light and love for Source to work through in support of humanity and Earth. When I was very young I loved God, then in my Roman Catholic gradeschool and Eastern Orthodox High School years- religion

Feed Your Soul

I have simplified my nutrition during this pandemic. My studies to become a Yoga Therapist truly opened my eyes to the importance of focusing on nutrition in the sense of your entire being- what you take in to feed yourself. Movement, food, environment, emotionally, news, tv, music, the people closest to you, the community you engage with- how you feed your spirit, nature, art, creativity. My life is very simplistic these days I nourish myself on all levels- open windows with

Gentle Beginners Yoga

This morning's regularly scheduled class had no attendees. It opened up a window of time for recording a gentle beginner yoga class. I am offering a link to a 60 minute Gentle Flow class for a minimum $10 donation to the "Help Veronica pay the bills fund." 🧚‍♀️☮🧚‍♂️🌈💜🕉✨🦋✨🕉💜🌈🧚‍♂️☮🧚‍♀️ If you are new to yoga, if you have been intimated by yoga classes, if you are rusty and looking to get back into your practice this is the class for you. Class focuses on- breathing,

I Found My Calling

I've found my calling- to bring peace, love and Yoga into the world! For people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. I've taught autistic preschoolers, typically developing children and adults of all ages up to 70+ in my over 12 years of teaching. In my 9:30am virtal class today, through Live and Joy Yoga in Audubon NJ, I had the intentions seen here, I taught dressed up (minus the wings and beads) and played John Lennon's "Imagine" during Svasana. I believe in magic bec

Blissful Hello

Just checking in and saying hello. #blissfulbutterfly #yoga #peace #love #spiritualjourney #breathe #selflwork #selfcare #iamblessed #presence #gratitude #ramdass


It has taken me awhile to re-claim my sweet lavender and teal Huffy. It's been over 3 years since my last ride. A lot has happened since then. Although I have changed a lot some parts are still the same. My adorable suburb neighborhood just got a taste of me blasting Siamese Dream and wearing tye dye as I road my sweet wheels around... To assist in my reclaiming I channeled my 10 year old, 16 year old and 19 year old selves....magical. "No more promise no more sorrow. No long

Class Link for Donation

Today's Monarch Morning yoga class was inspired by the words here. Please reach out for details on how to get a link to the recorded class for a donation to the help Veronica pay the bills fund. Love you all! 💜💖🕉🦋🕉💖💜 #donationyoga #njyoga #supportoneanother #divineinspiration #yoga #hatha #practice #selfcare #getaligned #breathe #movewithintention #movementismedicine #trust #faith #theuniversehasmyback

Heal, Rest, Grow

Today- I taught, listened to Ram Dass, taught, listened to Ram Dass, had a distance reiki healing session, spent time in nature while listening to Ram Dass. Released some wounded energy back into the Earth to be recycled, sang a song to one of my favorite children, was praised by a stranger in the park for my singing bringing him back to memories of his daughters as children, and connected with friends/family. Today was pretty magical for me. My quarantine pandemic experience

Earth Day Poem

Happy Earth Day 🌏 There is no light without dark There are no ups without downs It's all about balance Find the steadiness within Radiate that flow all around you Heal the Earth by healing yourself You are divine You are nature Nature is you Love yourself Love the Earth Loving kindness and compassion above all else- this is how we will find balance I may sound naive I may sound like a dreamer There is a part of me that will always be 5 years old My inner child invites your i

Love Yo' Self

How do you take care of yourself? How do you love yourself? Seriously- make a list- at least 10 things. Go. Post below. Share. Get other people to post. Put it up in your house. Practice at least 1 if not all 10 every day. My top 12 Self Care Tools 1. Laugh- watch something funny, cute animals, joke with friends 2. Nap- love me some naps 3. Nature- walk in it, step outside and breathe deep, look at nature pictures, videos, places I've traveled- feel my connection to all that

Amidst the Chaos

No time like the present to #findyourcenter amidst the chaos.☯️ #Mynewnormal #ComprehensiveYogaTherapy training weekend. Oh how I have missed my yoga community. Today we were back together virtually!🌟🌈🌟Over the past 1.5 years these training weekends have nourished me in ways that are beyond words and have allowed me to gain #clarity on my purpose. I am overflowing with #gratitude today.🕉Here is my lunch break homework 15 minute flow- personal intention: "I am open. I am g

Free Gentle Flow

Good morning my loves. Here is a free offering out of love. This is a 70-ish minute gentle flow class. Perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners. I sew in yoga philosophy, intention setting, breathing, movement, relaxation. This is a practice to find presence, move the energy in the body, nourish the self- body, breath, emotions, wisdom and spirit. Do what you can, rest when needed. Hold yourself in a bubble of loving kindness and compassion moving towards grace in the

Anxiety. Frustration. Gratitude.

Although I am feeling anxiety/frustration with many things at the moment (including pushing my move out date and not knowing exactly when I will be moving to my new apartment, loosing the majority of my income, not being able to buy a webcam because they are out of stock everywhere, having audio/sound issues with my live classes, not being able to see and hug all my peeps, not knowing if when I go grocery shopping Friday I will be able to get things that I need... then I need

Called to Find Balance

Just finished my 1st Live broadcast class through Blissful Butterfly Yoga. Yea it felt really great! 7 beautiful souls shared a group intention of "Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good for all." We showed up, breathed and moved together. I wasn't able to see their faces which was weird but I heard their voices and felt their connection as I taught. Things are getting pretty magical over here. I invite you to join us next time if you need some stress

Find a Lesson in Everything

About once or twice a year I lose my voice. With teaching yoga, in some capacity, 7 days a week it's no mystery why this happens. I am also a heart led teacher which can add to the energy drain. For the next few days as I recover I ask my students to be understanding. This is also an opportunity for me to be very mindful and selective about the words I use while cuing my classes. #findalessonineverything #letsseehowthisgoestoday #lostmyvoice #honeylemonginger #selfcare #yogae