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Testimonials: Hatha Group Classes
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A little student love

Online Yoga Classes

"Veronica is a yoga instructor extraordinaire who skillfully delivers yoga philosophy, asanas, flows, affirmations and positive, playful energy several times a week through her Blissful Butterfly yoga classes. Her classes are creative, innovative and always provide opportunities to mingle yoga and laughter. We are often on the same "wavelength". Here's to spiritual synchronicity, intersecting energy paths, and healing love that, when shared, creates beautiful results. 💞"

~Elizabeth M. 2020

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"Taking a class with Veronica is like a breath of fresh air, a warm hug, and a huge helping of your favorite dessert—all at once. She takes the time to guide students through a meaningful practice with intention, and helps us pay attention to both the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Her virtual practices have been my anchor during this time of home quarantine."

~Stef C. 2020

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"Thank you Veronica, for being such a creative, thoughtful, energetic, spiritual, and dedicated teacher! Your love and passion shine through as you teach from your heart as well as from the deep well of your experience and knowledge. I am always amazed , impressed, and grateful for the journey I take with you in every class at Live in Joy. I encourage everyone to take one of your classes. You will be so glad you did!"

~Lyn H. 2020

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"Veronica is a wonderful teacher. Her spirit and knowledge inspire me every time I go to her sessions. I am grateful for how much she has taught me, both about yoga and about myself. 🦋 If you are looking for a yogi that is dedicated, disciplined, and delightful - Veronica is all of that and more. She is the most well-rounded instructor I have ever practiced with and I look forward to being in attendance every week."

~Maggie R. 2020

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“The Sleepy Orange Evening Yoga class is great! It really restores my mind, body and spirit connection. I feel better after each class. Veronica is an excellent instructor who really pulls together the whole experience, so you come out of class feeling focused and refreshed! Her classes are enjoyable, informative and highly recommended!”

~Deanna B. 2.15.23

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Yoga Therapy Sessions

“ I have been on my Yoga Therapy journey with Veronica a little over 2 years now. She has taught me how to lead my life with love and an open heart. 
Veronica has helped me to have a sense of humor with myself through practicing yoga and encourages me to engage in lighthearted play. I appreciate her style of teaching! It’s taught me how to check in with myself. 

She meets me where I am and offers support where I need it most. Veronica holds space for me to discuss my emotions, habits, relational struggles and my challenges as an entrepreneur. Together we set goals that are realistic and then she guides me to achieve them intentionally.

I am so grateful for this sacred practice and would highly recommend for anyone who wishes to  to discover themselves learn how to connect with their highest self! ✨” 

~Jessi G. 2.16.22

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"I met Veronica years ago when she was teaching yoga in person at a studio and I immediately thought, "Oh, I love her"! Veronica's calming, soothing, friendly energy made me feel like a welcomed, long time friend in her presence. Her teaching style immediately made me feel so comfortable & at ease. I would leave her class on a cloud, feeling so relaxed, yet rejuvenated for life. As the pandemic hit and the world got a bit smaller and scarier, I found myself needing some extra support. I have now been on my Yoga Therapy journey with Veronica for 1.5 years. It has been such a remarkable time of growth and expansion and I cannot thank her enough. Veronica's style of incorporating yoga philosophy along with the asanas speaks to my soul. She has taught me how to slow down, be more aware, get in touch with my higher, authentic self and how to navigate situations with supportive tools in a more loving, kind way. Veronica puts some much time and attention in to everything she does and I appreciate it so very much. The magical music playlists that perfectly coincide with the day's practice, the targeted meditations or movements that support my body/mind's specific needs, her gentle way of nudging me to expand my thinking and go a little deeper and just her being there, holding the space for me when I need it. I cannot say enough good things about my experience and growth since working with Veronica and look forward to exploring this journey together for a long time to come. I am so grateful for her and to the universe for connecting our souls. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who could benefit from anything I described above! " 
~Kristie A. 4.4.22

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“I went through some yoga therapy sessions with Veronica. She helped me come to terms with my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, both physically and emotionally. I would recommend her to everyone! Her expert knowledge and attention to detail make her a great instructor. She uses that perception to help students achieve individual goals throughout each session.

Book a session with her! You won’t regret it! I promise!!”
~Deanna B. 2.15.23

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“I enjoy my yoga therapy sessions every time, always tailored to my current mood and what is showing up that particular session. Veronica prepares for each session and provides guided meditations, and light movement/ breathing exercises. One reoccurring theme I notice with any of Veronica's services and/ or classes is SAFE SPACE. She is a wonderful guide, helps get me centered and address past traumas. I truly benefit from the grounding, centering and open and honest communication during each session. We vibe and she gets me.”

~Pam B. 2.15.23

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“Veronica, has a talent for making yoga therapy fun and accessible. Through working with her, I have been able to move through my personal blocks and obstacles in a light hearted, meaningful and personable way. I am thankful to have found her when I did. I enjoy how she weaves in the philosophy of yoga, asana and meditation into therapy session. Highly recommend!” Kristy L. 3/27/23

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"I decided to work with Veronica in yoga therapy without knowing what it was all about and with very little yoga background. I highly recommend the experience. The sessions were over Zoom, making this doable from longer distances. Veronica taught the yogic principles and how to apply them to my life. The sessions were co-created, some with more movement than others, so I received what I needed each time.   


Yoga therapy is a wonderful way to know yourself at a deeper level, learn the tools for self-acceptance and understanding, and to grow as a person…who is a part of something much bigger than ourselves. " ~Christine R. 3/13/23

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Soulhood Circles

“Soulhood Circle has been my monthly shining light since it started in December 2021. I always feel so empowered and heard with every meeting. The group of Souls in attendance is so authentic and inspiring, the space just lifts you right up. It's a shared experience of acknowledgement, gratefulness, release, hope... the list goes on. Like many, I personally have felt really isolated during the pandemic, so Soulhood Circle has opened up the opportunity to be supported and uplifted with quality connections. Veronica cultivates a space of trust and has beautiful insights. Her pure integrity allows us to feel comfortable with sharing whatever we need to - light or shadow. I recommend Soulhood for anyone looking for an ally!”

~Maggie R. 2.14.23

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"Attending the monthly Soulhood with Veronica has been a truly transformative experience for me. The combination of meditation, mindfulness practices, and community support have helped me tap into a deeper sense of inner peace and self-awareness. Veronica provides a safe environment for personal growth and spiritual development, and I always leave feeling rejuvenated, happier, and less bogged down from my typical inner chatter.

What sets this event apart is the thoughtful monthly themes that Veronica curates to help provide new insights and perspectives on the common blockages to achieving inner peace. Things like negative thoughts (self-doubt, fear, anxiety), unprocessed trauma, lack of self-care (leading to burn out), and the biggest one for me: IMPOSTER SYNDROME – ugh! The excerpts or poems that Veronica shares during our time together have led to some powerful aha moments. 

I attend Soulhood because it supports me and others our personal growth journeys. It’s so nice to be able to dedicate this time each month to sit and listen to other’s open up about their own personal struggles or celebrate their big wins! The benefits I receive from being a part of this community are immeasurable and I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. The combination of community, education, and self-discovery keeps bringing me back month after month. I highly recommend this event to anyone looking to deepen their connection with their inner self and the world around them."

~Jamie B. 2.9.23

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"Soulhood got me through one of the most isolating times of my life. I lived on my own for the first time, in the middle of the pandemic. Attending Veronica's Soulhood Circles gave me a safe space to show up just as I was, connect with other humans who were on spiritual paths and encouraged me to look inward while in the comfort of my own home. Every time we end circle I feel heard and so much more at ease. I'm so grateful to Veronica for holding space for us and for the other beautiful sounds who show up consistently to connect."

~Jessi G. 2.9.23

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“Soulhood: It's called Soulhood, but I refer to it as "safe space". I enjoy the energy and the vibes of all different types of people connecting and sharing together. Veronica provides a safe, comfortable atmosphere and I always leave grounded with a full, refreshed heart.”

~Pam B. 2.15.23

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Yoga Therapy Personalized Videos

"I’ve been practicing yoga with Veronica for 3+ years.  I first knew her as a 500 hour certified RYT instructor, and have enjoyed her yoga classes for their authenticity, robust approach, challenge and fun.  When Veronica completed her trauma-informed yoga therapy training and became certified as a yoga therapist in 2021, I realized she had much more to offer.  I have scoliosis that in recent years has advanced, in spite of my active yoga and Pilates practices.  And one day at the end of class, I asked Veronica if she would consider developing a few yoga therapy program videos for me to do on my own to try and slow down the progression of the disease.  Not only did she agree with enthusiasm and caring, Veronica exceeded my expectations in both her approach to developing my personal programs as well as the finished products that I now use.  We had a few sessions together to discuss what I was looking for, in the physical asanas, as well as the mind, spirit and pranayama components as well.    I now have two 30 minute videos created specifically for me that I use a few times each week to strengthen my side body, both left and right, and create some resistance to my scoliotic lean.   Because of Veronica’s specially designed program for me, I not only feel the strengthening of my posture, but have also increased the awareness of my physical scoliotic tendencies and am able to redirect my posture throughout my day.  I endorse Veronica wholeheartedly and with gratitude for what she has done for me." 

~Elizabeth M. 2.12.22

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"My name is Deb.  I am 71 years young.  While I have attended yoga classes here and there over the years, nothing really moved me to continue on that path.  I had difficulty learning the moves and felt overwhelmed. 

My wonderful daughter recently gifted me Veronica's videos.  They have been an amazing way to rekindle and learn about Yoga.  After completing a written intake and then a zoom interview and practice session, Veronica crafted two videos personalized for me!  She speaks directly to my challenges in loving, affirmative ways, and reminds me of breathing and postural issues she knows I need. 

The videos are so convenient.  I have my certified yoga therapist with me whenever I am ready for a session.  

I have been grateful for the breathing techniques she is teaching me and have used them with some of the musical groups I teach.  My drum circle and handbell choir have also been blessed by these calming and invigorating breathing patterns!

Thank you Veronica!  And thank you to my daughter for this amazing gift!"

~Deb M 2.12.22

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