"Veronica is a yoga instructor extraordinaire who skillfully delivers yoga philosophy, asanas, flows, affirmations and positive, playful energy several times a week through her Blissful Butterfly yoga classes. Her classes are creative, innovative and always provide opportunities to mingle yoga and laughter. We are often on the same "wavelength". Here's to spiritual synchronicity, intersecting energy paths, and healing love that, when shared, creates beautiful results. 💞"

Elizabeth Mangino

"Taking a class with Veronica is like a breath of fresh air, a warm hug, and a huge helping of your favorite dessert—all at once. She takes the time to guide students through a meaningful practice with intention, and helps us pay attention to both the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Her virtual practices have been my anchor during this time of home quarantine."

Stef Charles

"Thank you Veronica, for being such a creative, thoughtful, energetic, spiritual, and dedicated teacher! Your love and passion shine through as you teach from your heart as well as from the deep well of your experience and knowledge. I am always amazed , impressed, and grateful for the journey I take with you in every class at Live in Joy. I encourage everyone to take one of your classes. You will be so glad you did!"

Lyn Harley

"Veronica is a wonderful teacher. Her spirit and knowledge inspire me every time I go to her sessions. I am grateful for how much she has taught me, both about yoga and about myself. 🦋 If you are looking for a yogi that is dedicated, disciplined, and delightful - Veronica is all of that and more. She is the most well-rounded instructor I have ever practiced with and I look forward to being in attendance every week."

Maggie Reilly