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A gift from the bottom of my heart:

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Online Yoga Classes

In my classes, I invite students to make a promise to their body that they want to care for it because it is worth their love and affection. I believe in reminding students of their spiritual essence and that yoga is a spiritual practice. I weave down-to-earth, non-dogmatic spiritual wisdom into each class, creating a holistic experience.

My approach to guiding yoga classes is both practical and playful, grounded in trauma-informed principles. I consistently show up for my students, offering a lighthearted teaching style. My classes are sacred spaces where students are encouraged to meet themselves just as they are, with loving kindness and compassion above all else.

All of my classes are named after butterflies, adding a playful touch, and they are accessible to both beginners and more seasoned students. This means that everyone can participate and benefit from the practice.

I teach to whoever shows up, starting our Zoom meetings about 10 minutes before the scheduled time, allowing each student to have a personal conversation with me about their practice goals. Students can request specific areas of focus for strength, flexibility, and opening. In my Monday evening class, Wild Indigo Evening, students even have the opportunity to request their preferred format or intensity level. At the end of each class, I'm available for feedback and questions to ensure that students' needs are met.

My accessible live online weekly classes are a gift, empowering students to consistently show up and nurture their bodies in a warm and supportive community that virtually enters their living rooms. Unlike exercise classes that encourage pushing the body to its limits, my classes are the opposite. They provide a sacred space to cultivate wholesome motion while honoring the body as the vessel of the spirit.

Please explore the schedule and individual class descriptions below to find the perfect fit for your needs. Join me on this transformative journey of self love and stress relief through the practices of yoga. Should you have questions email me directly here.

About Group Classes
Book Livestream Hatha
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Please note: Confirmation emails sent with link immediately after booking and 24 hours before session. Links can also be found on your "My Bookings" page in your member profile.

Livestream Hatha Class Details

  • Virtual Offering

    All levels, beginner friendly. Wild Card Class.


    1 hr

    15 US dollars
  • Virtual Offering

    All levels. Beginner friendly. Vin Yin Style.


    1 hr 15 min

    15 US dollars
  • Virtual Offering

    All levels, beginner friendly. Gentle Yoga.


    1 hr

    15 US dollars
  • Virtual Offering

    All levels, beginner friendly. Targeted gentle movement. Guided relaxa...


    1 hr

    15 US dollars
  • Virtual Offering

    All levels. Beginner friendly Yin style.


    45 min

    15 US dollars



Prop Suggeston
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Friendly reminder from your Yoga teacher to always set up your space for practice.
Make it sweet with dim lights, candles, incense, oils, crystals- whatever makes you feel soothed in your senses and more at home in your body.

Props suggested if you are going to practice with me regularly.
Please Note:  
*I'm not recommending these products specifically, these are merely examples of what would be appropriate.

An eye pillow is ideal to have. Blanket also a good idea to have handy for knees or getting snuggy at the end.

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Fun added bonus prop suggestions to have around for practice at home:

Bolster good for Yin practice: