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Yoga Therapy Testimonial

💜A little student love. Thank you @jessisjamboree

🕉Yoga Therapy is personalized and so can look different for each person. Basic virtual sessions include touching base about what is happening with the individual who is showing up, use of discussion, intake and assessment forms to get an idea of Yogic practices that may support that individual in whatever it is that they are looking for out of Yoga Therapy. During sessions the Yoga Therapist and Student have a conversation, the Yoga Therapist offers a personalized practice which can include a mix of: movement, breathing, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, yoga philosophy/lifestyle principles education, reflection and goal setting. The goal setting is an accountability tool, goals are not rigid, but are malleable to fit the student's need as the journey of Yoga Therapy unfolds. My style is lighthearted, playful and trauma informed.

💜I also make personalized videos as a more cost effective option.

🕉All details on Yoga Therapy and all offerings found at

🌟link in bio on IG🌟


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