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The power of community...Soulhood April 18th

✨Good morning beautiful souls! A little midweek inspiration for you around connecting with the power behind community support.

💜For those on a spiritual or self healing path, it can feel isolating, like you are doing the work all alone, surrounded by many who are not. This is where gathering with others who are on awakening journeys can be motivation to keep going.

✨To support the community I host monthly sacred gatherings, on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm EST on Zoom, called Soulhood Circles. These are spaces ruled under loving kindness and compassion for all. They are spaces where you can share if you feel called- learning how it feels when others hold space for you and how it feels to hold space for others, without needing to respond or fix anything.

💜In Soulhood you show up just as you are, sometime you will be high, sometimes you will be low. In Soulhood you are invited to embrace yourself and others in their perfectly imperfect humanness. This is yoga off the mat, and embodiment of the lifestyle principles associated with a yogic path.

✨April's Soulhood is coming up on the 18th! If curious be sure to join in on me with code 1FREE at checkout!


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