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New Website Launch

💜Well folks this is it! Happy Valentine's Launch Day!

🦋Chchchcheck out my new website baby, official logo and out of this world style. It really came together nicely. I'm feeling accomplished and inspired by making this happen for myself. As a Hippie Yogi, tech and business stuff is are not my strong suites but I did it! I successfully migrated my business fully over to Wix. I think I kinda understand branding now too 😆. This week I felt like a real adult as I also got my taxes done and visited the dentist. Here is to getting shit done!

🎶As always I offer a plethora of Spotify playlists to choose from if you need music to get you out of your chaotic mind and into the magic of the present moment. Visit 'Spotify Playlist' Tab for this week's brand new one called "Truthfulness."

🌟Side note: if you're a new sole proprietary business owner, Yoga teacher or fitness instructor and need a little guidance with building a website of your own: I got you, let's chat and see if you'd be interested in my assistance. I'll charge a lot less than an official website designer, just sayin 😁

🌟link in bio on IG 🌟


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