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Every Day In Gratitude

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Live everyday in gratitude.

Every. Single. Day.

Appreciate each step of your journey.

Love yourself just as you are.

Love others just as they are.

See things just as they are without a personal need for them to be different.

Learn to sit back and witness life through the lense of love, kindness and compassion. Trust that you are meant to be the most authentic awesome version of you possible.

You cannot control anything in the physical world.

Remember all human beings are connected through a common core.

Work on yourself as your gift to those in your life.

The only thing that you can control is the effort and the intention behind how you choose to think, speak and act in the present moment. You cannot change the past. But you need to embrace all of your darkness into the light so that it can be healed,  cleansed, released and integrated.

Take time for yourself by yourself to care for your body, breath,  senses,  emotions,  mind and spirit. Learn how to truly accept yourself as you are. Then and only then can you truly love and accept others as they are.

You need to actively choose to be aware of your thoughts,  words and actions and align them with high vibe virtues such as love and truth. This especially means treating yourself with loving kindness and compassion: working on a loving internal dialog,  noticing when you don't speak nicely to yourself and changing that immediately. 

It means noticing if you get caught in the rat race of life, stopping, pausing  and taking time to acknowledge your spirituality in some way that resonates with you. Life is much deeper than "work " "money" and "things." Acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything around you. 

This life is a gift where you get to be uniquely you but also get to remember your connect in love to those around you and everything in creation.

Living with awareness means you learn how to to watch your years of conditioned beliefs and challenge those things that no longer resonate in the core of your humanness with an intentional choice to be better today than yesterday, more aligned.

The hardest task is to learn how to keep your heart open even when it breaks, feel your feelings without getting lost in them, and allow then to move through you.

You are a vibrational being, it's important to be mindful of anchoring into your body through movement and breath while learning how to move old energy out to bring fresh new life force energy in.

When you learn how to love your body and entire being in a mindful purposefully way  you begin to realize that you can weather any storm that comes during your human journey-having become wiser because of the experience.

Choose to learn from and be better than your past. Each day is an opportunity to shed our caterpillarness and move towards the freedom of our butterflyness.

Everything else is in the hands of the Universe.

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Photos from this morning's sunrise at Newton Lake Park in Haddon Township NJ🌅


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