Adventure Sparks Divinity

My morning adventure was waking up at 3am to drive to see the sunrise. It felt fucking phenomenal to do this for myself. As I stood, danced, sang, breathed, and moved my body- I mindfully spoke to God/Goddess/Universal Oneness, voiced my gratitude and asked to be an open vessel of light and love for Source to work through in support of humanity and Earth. When I was very young I loved God, then in my Roman Catholic gradeschool and Eastern Orthodox High School years- religion

Heal, Rest, Grow

Today- I taught, listened to Ram Dass, taught, listened to Ram Dass, had a distance reiki healing session, spent time in nature while listening to Ram Dass. Released some wounded energy back into the Earth to be recycled, sang a song to one of my favorite children, was praised by a stranger in the park for my singing bringing him back to memories of his daughters as children, and connected with friends/family. Today was pretty magical for me. My quarantine pandemic experience

Earth Day Poem

Happy Earth Day 🌏 There is no light without dark There are no ups without downs It's all about balance Find the steadiness within Radiate that flow all around you Heal the Earth by healing yourself You are divine You are nature Nature is you Love yourself Love the Earth Loving kindness and compassion above all else- this is how we will find balance I may sound naive I may sound like a dreamer There is a part of me that will always be 5 years old My inner child invites your i

Merit Badges of Strength, Courage and Resilience

For a huge part of my life I was chronically dissatisfied in my relationships with people and with situations surrounding me. A big part of this was rooted growing up in an abusive home while feeling powerless, scared, misunderstood and unheard- once I was old enough to understand the unhealthy dynamics in my family- I headed into a very dark head-space. My spirit began to get covered over and I was lost. This experience led me to spending my adult life learning how to connec