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Yoga for Life

Just something absolutely beautiful about having 7 souls in class. I know I'm not supposed to attach to the fruit of my actions, however as a Yoga teacher it hurts when no one shows up.

Since switching to virtual in March 2020, that has happened several times. More recently my class average numbers are 1-2 people per class. These numbers are hard to see but I must unattach to numbers showing my worthiness when attendance is low.

I know deep in my being that what I offer and the way I offer it is valuable. These students prove that. All those pictured have been riding this virtual journey with me from the beginning. Their Yoga practice was so precious in their life that they kept showing up for themselves when the world went coo-coo.

I used to teach at 5 studios & gyms in the area pre-pandemic, most of these students know me from there.

When I began teaching from the comfort of my own home, as my own boss, I began thoroughly enjoying teaching this way- over driving to 5 places to teach 15+ classes per week.

The quality, as far as philosophical content, has increased since lessoning my energy drain through teaching so many classes at various places. My presentation of Yoga philosophy and themes is now more fluid. Then I tie it in with hatha yoga movement and breathing, verbal cueing and offering options is a strengh of mine.

Hatha Yoga is designed to assist in care of the physical vessel making the body you drive stronger, longer, more flexible and more balanced overall. The movements, breathing, and ancient wisdom improves wellness of body, mind and spirit for anyone who consistently shows up for themselves.

The souls pictured here are proof that age is just a number. One of my students is 80 years old and practices every week. She's been practicing Yoga for almost 40 years.

The sooner you begin your journey the better. If you read this and feel called to give Yoga a try reach out to me directly. I'm an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and I would love to assist in finding some Yoga practices that can support you as a unique individual. Yoga poses can be modified and used as nourishment.

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