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Outta This World

☮️Happy Thursday. I hope your week has been outta this world, I know mine has been a bit strange...

🌟To lighten things up I decided to share the sticker a friend/student sent me back in December, saying it reminded her of me. I love so much finding out how others see me. This small gift makes me giggle and smile every time I look at it. It's pretty representative of how I carry my unique Self in this world spreading peace and love. @kgio36 you see me ✌

💜 If you'd like to practice Hatha Yoga with me, gather with me monthly in a safe space ruled by loving kindness and compassion, gather with me quarterly to burn away what no longer serves you or meet with me privately to find out how Yoga can be personalized to support you on your wellness journey visit:

🌟link in bio on IG 🌟


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