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Mental Health Matters

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

This week is all about supporting your mental health in classes.

Yoga practices literally teach you how to chill out your nervous system by soothing the senses, expanded breathing and mindful movement of the body. All of the practices give the mind something to focus on so it doesn't stay stuck in the stress. Over time you learn how to soften the grip of your thinking connect you with the part of you behind the noise- your Highest Self, your centered self. You still have your thoughts and emotions but they aren't as loud and overbearing as in a body in stress mode.

It's a process that takes time just like healing. Yoga doesn't discriminate against where you are at in your journey, it loves you and wants you to love all that you are and how far you've come... you just need to show up in order for it to work!

Join me virtualy livestream Monday- Friday or anytime through On Demand video library.

All details, schedule and class descriptions found at


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