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Beauty Unfiltered

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Beauty Unfiltered.

How often do we try to hide who really are from the world?

Covering scars, blemishes, wanting to remove signs of aging.

Well I'm embracing 41, my wrinkles are part of the process.

I'm so glad to be a wiser version of my poor, sad, lonely, angry teen into young adult self.

Being me as an adult is where it's at.

Loving myself, accepting myself.

Each curve, line and scar is a sign of how far I've come.

No going back.

Only forward.

Remember to take time to acknowledge how far you've come, to love and accept all of you- "flaws" and all.

Remember to pause once in awhile.

Remember to breathe mindfully.

Remember to get into nature.

This life is a gift.

Dare to be the best version of yourself possible.

Authentic. Unfiltered. Raw. Beautiful.

Dare to leave your old self behind.

Dare to adorn your wings and fly.

Remember the caterpillar must first fall apart to then be rebuilt as a butterfly. Also the butterfly only flies after fighting its way out of the chrysalis, if someone helped the butterfly its wings wouldn't be strong enough to fly, it would die.

Your journey is yours.


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