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Strength In Truth

💜When we practice the second Yama Satya and live in truthfulness- there is nothing to fear. Our life becomes an open book and this leads to freedom. Yamas are always applied in thought, word and deed. They are also always under the umbrella of non-violence, meaning all that is practiced is under the guise of "do no harm" to self and others.

🌟I personally live my life in alignment with core virtues of Love and Truth. When I truly began applying these two things to how I thought, how I spoke and how I acted in the world the whole game changed. I literally became a free being in alignment with my most authentic self. This was a step by step process. It took time, dedication, practice and surrendering to something much larger than myself.

🦋Anyone can do this and all efforts made towards the alignment, even failed attempts, are steps in the right direction and move you towards resting in your true nature.

🕉One thing I did to get there was cultivating a regular physical Yoga practice. I've been practicing for alm