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Spiritual Path

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

On a spiritual path,  bit by bit you begin to shed old ways of being...ways that you were taught by the world at large.

You watch old patterns of behavior and thought that don't serve your best interest fall away replaced by more loving ways of being.

This happens through conscious awareness of looking at how you think, speak and act towards yourself and others.

It happens through gaining an understanding of the importance of learning how to truly love, trust and respect yourself. 

Then gradually over time  you become who you used to be before others told you who you were.

This part of you is the innocence you see in the eyes of a child.

Your pure essence has been with you your whole life.

It's just a matter of you having been conditioned by the physical reality you were born into, raised by and surrounded by. 

Then you forgot about that subtle part of you and got lost in the physical chaos.

The spiritual journey takes you through the "person you thought you were" to "the person you really are" or your most authentic self. 

You just have to learn how to fall into you.

You must learn to go within.

Yoga practices assist with this.

Once you start down the path to You with love, kindness,  compassion, curiosity and playfulness the process becomes more fun and you want to show up for yourself.

As nature's seasons change it is a cue for us each to begin to reflect on where we are at in the process and what perhaps needs to go and what new things need to take  the place of the old ways.

If this sounds interesting come explore this concept of "Fall Into You" with me in hatha yoga classes this week virtually livestream or anytime through On Demand video library. 

All details including information on booking Yoga Therapy sessions with me:

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