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Yoga Is...

💜Yoga is an ancient science from India. There is a philosophy base that comes with an 8 Fold Path that ultimately leads those that follow to living in alignment with their Highest Selves.

🌟Yoga is a lifestyle.  There are principles that guide how one is to think, speak and act in the world.  The first principle,  or Yama,  is nonviolence or loving kindness and compassion.  If this first principle is mastered then all other principles will be easy to live by.

💜Yoga is an invitation to bring together all the pieces of you- body, energy, breath, senses,  emotions,  logical mind, intuitive mind and Spirit- and remember your connection to everything in creation.  Yoga calls for consistency,  persistence and above all- compassion for the journey. 

🌟Yoga has a variety of practices which support the students who show up. It is adaptable and accessible to all humans. I am an