Feed Your Soul

I have simplified my nutrition during this pandemic. My studies to become a Yoga Therapist truly opened my eyes to the importance of focusing on nutrition in the sense of your entire being- what you take in to feed yourself. Movement, food, environment, emotionally, news, tv, music, the people closest to you, the community you engage with- how you feed your spirit, nature, art, creativity. My life is very simplistic these days I nourish myself on all levels- open windows with

An Afternoon Tune

An Afternoon Tune. America- I do not own the rights to Simon and Garfunkel's music. Let's see what happens. A student reminded me about S&G today and so I came here to give you this little yoga gem💎This song reminds me of Almost Famous and makes me smile because after my Yoga Therapy training is complete, in 1 year, I am going to look for America as I drive across the country to see all the National Parks and practice yoga in them. Working on details of how to bring that adv

Always A Student

Always a yoga student. I'm currently in my 2nd to last weekend for the year (I will officially graduate next June) in training to be a Yoga Therapist and I fucking love yoga, my community of yogis and my teachers. So much gratitude and love. I'm currently fleshing out my audience and what I want to bring to the world as a CYT. If you have questions about Yoga Therapy please reach out. Yoga is meant to be accessible for everyone and what I am learning about is how to assist in

The Cosmic Giggle

Thank you Universe for all your lessons. I woke up today before the dawn with the birds, got tapped into Spirit and ready to teach. I listened to Sacred In The Every Day lecture by Ram Dass for the 3rd time. I then attempted to record and teach two very loyal and loving students. Each time I went to "teach yoga" breath and asana.... a student came on and told me my audio wasn't working. Nothing looked wrong on my end. Another student's video wasn't working. We disconnected, r

Morning Song

Good morning beautiful world. I was woken up before the sunrise, greeted by the birds🐦singing to me, then the rain came to cleanse the day. I showered to cleanse myself in preparation for all the wonders this day has for me. Here is a little snippet of my current paradise✨Enjoy. Find beauty. Be grateful. Let nature remind you of who you really are✨#yoga#listentothebirdschirp #youarenature #youaredivine #youarelove #iamblessed #presence #gratitude #playfulness #awakentoyourtr

Blissful Hello

Just checking in and saying hello. #blissfulbutterfly #yoga #peace #love #spiritualjourney #breathe #selflwork #selfcare #iamblessed #presence #gratitude #ramdass

Earth Day Poem

Happy Earth Day 🌏 There is no light without dark There are no ups without downs It's all about balance Find the steadiness within Radiate that flow all around you Heal the Earth by healing yourself You are divine You are nature Nature is you Love yourself Love the Earth Loving kindness and compassion above all else- this is how we will find balance I may sound naive I may sound like a dreamer There is a part of me that will always be 5 years old My inner child invites your i

Free Gentle Flow

Good morning my loves. Here is a free offering out of love. This is a 70-ish minute gentle flow class. Perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners. I sew in yoga philosophy, intention setting, breathing, movement, relaxation. This is a practice to find presence, move the energy in the body, nourish the self- body, breath, emotions, wisdom and spirit. Do what you can, rest when needed. Hold yourself in a bubble of loving kindness and compassion moving towards grace in the

Yoga Dance Party What?!

Please read till the end if you wanna dance with me tonight 🤩 Its time for me to reinvigorate my practice and my teaching. As a yoga teacher I didn't get much time for my own practice or I was drained by teaching so many classes so I rested a lot to stay viable. Now with my freedom I am moving for me- I mean I'm still writing you a sweet class- but its going to be sweeter than usual because I am practicing self care, the stuff I preach. It's time to reel in self discipline,