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This Week

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

This week is about the path of Jnana Yoga: Yoga of the Highest Knowledge.

This path is one that utilizes the intellect to search for the Ultimate Truth. This path seeks knowledge that resonates as #truth in the soul. My journey is definitely a huge slice of the Jnana Yoga pie. Pictured here are a few sources of wisdom that I've collected over the years. Honestly I have not fully read all of these. Within the smattering are a few consistent go to's for self exploration and teaching.

Also included in my Jnana path: search for the Ultimate Truth, I frequently listen to spiritually minded podcasts, #RamDass talks, #Londrelle tracks, I follow a quantum astrologer, I examine myself through various lenses frequently: #astrology , #yogaphilosophy<