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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

This week is about the path of Jnana Yoga: Yoga of the Highest Knowledge.

This path is one that utilizes the intellect to search for the Ultimate Truth. This path seeks knowledge that resonates as #truth in the soul. My journey is definitely a huge slice of the Jnana Yoga pie. Pictured here are a few sources of wisdom that I've collected over the years. Honestly I have not fully read all of these. Within the smattering are a few consistent go to's for self exploration and teaching.

Also included in my Jnana path: search for the Ultimate Truth, I frequently listen to spiritually minded podcasts, #RamDass talks, #Londrelle tracks, I follow a quantum astrologer, I examine myself through various lenses frequently: #astrology , #yogaphilosophy (#koshas , #kleshas #chakras #gunas), #humandesign (newest). I do all of this because I am fascinated by knowing who I am really, who we all really are collectively as a species, why are we here, and learning what ancient wisdom and resonant teachers have to say about it all. Then I apply what I learn in my life, eventually seeking to embody the knowledge and spread the wisdom through my teaching.

Ultimately on the Jnana Yoga path one seeks to see past all restrictions, percieved limitations, outdated dogma and to discriminate between physical reality and Ultimate Reality, leaning into the constant search for the Highest Knowledge while cutting away anything that is untrue, and unnecessary.

This path of Yoga leads to seeing the interconnectedness of all life and then eventually, after continued discipline/study while staying open, curious, and lighthearted in the pursuit of Ultimate Reality...the pursuit itself falls away when one truly lives as an embodiment of the wisdom.

Yea! I love this stuff. Yoga without the spirituality and philosophy is a tragedy. Expect to hear me talking about this path of Yoga in classes this week 💞

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🦋I'm also an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist. If you are interested in learning more about taking Yoga principles into your life reach out:

*Jnana Yoga concepts pulled from YogaLife CYT Manual and reworded


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