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New Year, New Theme: The Tao Te Ching

✨️Welcome to the theme for my classes in 2023.

💜A few weeks ago I was gifted this book, the ancient Tao Te Ching (pronounced Dao De Jing) simplified. The original is  believed to have been written by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.

✨️The Tao Te Ching is "an Ancient Spiritual Guidebook to Life" - Matthew Barnes.

💜It contains 81 brief chapters,  saying basically the same thing from 81 different angles.

✨️"It is the Science of IT, the Science of The Way, the Laws of Life. The more you swim with ITs tides the more likely you'll have a happier, more peaceful and healthy life." -Mathew Barnes

💜Each week I'll read a chapter.  If you'd like to follow along be sure to order yourself a copy.

✨️I'm so excited to dive into and share this wisdom with my students.

💜New Livestream Schedule coming soon, stay tuned.

✨️To learn about all offerings visit ✨️link in bio on IG

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