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Self Care is Necessary

Ram Dass said that self care is your gift to those around you. How often do you carve out time for yourself to move, breathe, set intentions, find the present moment and feed your spirit? If the answer is never- I suggest you start to examine why your self care isn't top priority. If we become depleted we cannot show up and be of assistance to anyone. The world right now is shifting more drastically each moment then we have ever seen. This unsteadiness creates stress and keeps you in a fear state if left unchecked. Yoga practices assist with regulating the nervous system and can teach you how to find peace from within no matter the outside circumstances. Yoga practices also teach you how to become aware of the noise the mind makes without entangling in the storm. Come refill your heart space, find freedom through presence and get aligned with me 5 days a week. I teach virtually M-F and do one in person class outside on Wednesday evenings. If my times don't work for your schedule reach out about how to get a recorded class link.


To find my full schedule with class descriptions please visit my website online class page.

I will also start back up Yoga Therapy case study sessions in September, questions- just message me directly.


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