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According to a Ted Talk given by Lucy Hone, three characteristics of resilient people are as follows...

1. Resilient people understand that shit happens and that suffering is a part of human existence. Every human goes through tough times.

2. Resilient people choose carefully where they focus their attention. They focus what they can change and accept the things they can't. They intentionally, deliberately and with ongoing effort tune into what they are grateful for in their lives.

3. Resilient people ask themselves- "Is this helping me or harming me?" In regards to behaviors, thought patterns, and decision making.

I present this information to you to do with it as you please. Personally I consider myself a resilient person but never knew exactly why and this shined a lot of light on the subject.

This week in my classes I will guide students to intentionally, deliberately and with ongoing effort choose to cultivate high vibration mindset through use of mantra- Love. Joy. Peace. Then students can witness the effects of such a practice on their outlook/perspective. Even if just for our time together- let's be together, rise and shine my loves. Hope to see you on the mat.


Wednesday's at 9:30am EST join me for Virtual Sleepy Orange Morning. A 60 minute gentle beginner friendly class.

Want to practice with me but cannot make class time? Simply send payment with your email address before class start and I will send you a recorded class link that expires 24 hours after you receive it.

All class details found at

I also offer a Spotify playlist for classes.

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