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Purposeful Gratitude

💜I am leading gratitude checks in my classes this week. A simple practice of mindfully being grateful can lead to a reduction in symptoms of stress. 🌟Did you know- according to when we express gratitude our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters responsible for feel good emotions. Being grateful literally makes you feel good.  💜This simple yet effective tool aligns the practitioner with their heart, which aligns them with love, which keeps them more in tune with their Spirit. When this happens that individual naturally exudes Asteya or Non-stealing, knowing that as long as all of their basic physical needs are met (food, shelter, companionship, healthcare and education) then everything else that they need resides within their own being- not outside of them. 🕉This week in classes to show appreciation I am focusing on the fact that each and every human has masculine and feminine energies in them. To support balancing those energies I am leading VinYin Style all week! 🦋The average American human is out of equilibrium with these internal energies. Many are locked into the masculine fire and completely tuned out to the feminine softness. Let us not steal either one of these energies from ourselves but find balance of these within. When we do this we bring more harmony into the world around us by how we show up and respond. 🌟VinYin means a little bit of strength followed by a little bit of surrender. The "Vin" of the vin and yin will be moderate hatha, nothing too intense. This is the masculine energy. ☮️Yin is a style of passive opening in extended holds, often with props, to get deep opening in the body. This style teaches students how to slow down. So have pillows, blankets, blocks and a strap around. This is the feminine energy. 🌟Note Thursday's Purple Spotted Morning will not change format. Details and full schedule forLivestream Classes and all offerings: 🌟link in bio on IG🌟 ☮️🌌💜🌟🕉🦋🕉🌟💜🌌☮️ #blissfulbutterfly #blissfulbutterflyyoga #yoga #yogaeveryday #asteya #yamas #nonstealing #rumi #traumainformedyoga #yogatherapy #slowdown #peace #truth #love #balance #selfcare #selflove #harmony #yogalove #yogalife #vinyin #wellness #heal #spiritualjourney #breathe #mindfulness #shine #wisdom #gratitude #inspiration

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