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No Class July 4th

💜Are you a stressed out human living too much in your mind and not in the moment?

✨️Does your body beg you for nourishing movement?

💜Are you curious about creating not only a physical yoga practice, but also a spiritual practice for yourself?

✨️Have you contemplated yoga at home but don't know where to start?

💜Perhaps you want to get back into your yoga practice but aren't ready for an in person studio class....

✨️If any of the above is you I invite you to check out what I offer virtually. I'm an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher.

💜My style is lighthearted, playful and trauma informed. I break down Classical Yoga philosophy concepts into an easily digestible form and infuse the information as I lead the breathing, centering, intention setting, movement and relaxation. The movement intensity varies depending on the format I have 5 formats. I offer something for everyone. View schedule pic.

✨️I create Spotify playlists that can be added along with most formats to give an additional support for getting out of the mind and into the moment.

💜I currently teach classes out of my living room. I went virtual when the pandemic shit hit the fan in March 2020. I continue to teach in this way in the hopes of being able to reach seeking students that live anywhere. Being a virtual teacher lends to the possibility of connecting with students around the globe. This could create a net of Blissful Butterfly Yoga goodness, anchoring love in each heart that seeks to care for themselves through regularly practicing yoga with me.

✨️For group classes join me Livestream or anytime through my Yoga On Demand Channels.

☮️For diving deeper into yoga practices designed just for you and for improving overall wellness by learning how to apply ancient yoga concepts in your life reach out directly to explore Yoga Therapy sessions

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