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New Student Deals

🌟Every day is an opportunity to begin anew, start fresh, and choose to put your self-love at the forefront of all you do.

💜Perhaps you don't know where to start. I invite you to begin by committing to yourself that you are going to make space for a self-care ritual in your life.  One such routine could be cultivating an at home Yoga practice.

🦋To support you I am offering these new student deals. I am an experienced teacher and Certified Yoga Therapist. I make the practice accessible to who shows up. I encourage students to meet themselves where they are at, to release expectations about "how it should be" and to let the practice just be what it is. An exploration of the Self.  Yoga is a physical , energetic,  sensory soothing,  emotional,  intellectual,  intuitive and spiritual practice and I present it as such.

🕉I infuse breathing and movement with a down to earth presentation of ancient philosophy so as to dispell any intimidation around exploring spirituality in your own unique way.  Being the same as everyone else is boring,  dare to be you in all your glorious perfectly imperfectness. Let today be the day you begin your Yoga journey and let me be your guide. 

🎶I teach in themes and offer Spotify playlists for most classes if interested.  Music can support in dropping into the practice more easily if you have a chaotic mind pulling you in a ba-gillion directions.

💜If you feel called to practice with me virtually I teach Classical Yoga philosophy infused hatha classes in a lighthearted,  playful and trauma informed way.

I offer a variety of formats and experience levels Livestream EST.  I also have an On Demand video library of past classes so you can practice with me anytime!


M- 6: 30pm Adonis Blue Evening, Intermediate Strong Hatha


T- 9:15am Red Admiral Morning,  Intermediate Strong Hatha


W- 7pm Sleepy Orange Evening,  beginner friendly Gentle Hatha


Th- 9:15am Purple Spotted Morning, beginner friendly half nourishing movement half breathing,  meditation,  relaxation techniques.


F- 10am Clouded Yellow Morning,  beginner friendly. Vin/Yin style half gentle strengthening,  half passive opening.


Full class descriptions and all details on virtual offerings.

🌟link in bio🌟


Im also an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, if interested in learning how to bring Yoga more deeply into your life to promote your overall wellness reach out.


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