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Lean Into Discomfort

🌟Everything I learned through leaning into discomfort...

💜I am stronger than I ever consciously realized.

It is by leaning into the tough stuff that brings about the greatest healing.

Speaking my truth openly to the world, without regard for how I would be seen by others, was liberating for my soul.

Each step of my journey was perfectly placed in order to bring me to where I am today.

Avoiding the triggers just makes the wounds fester and prolongs the suffering.

It's not fun looking at your shadow, but necessary to bring it all into the light in order to accept and integrate those pieces into your being.

Without the oooey gooey falling apart caterpillar phases one will never reach the bright, light, spacious butterfly phases.

🌟Throw back Thursday: Photos taken in December 2019 when I traveled solo to San Diego, stayed in a hostel for 10 days and explored the area by bus, foot and train. This is the trip where I finally kicked my cigarette habit! I was celebrating being out of a toxic relationship that I left on Christmas Day 3 years prior. What a wild ride.

💜If my words resonate with you please check out all that I offer to assist with healing hearts and inspiring souls through spreading the magic of ancient Yogic wisdom as a way of supporting vibrant health- physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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