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Happy Earth Day

💚I went around a tulip farm today wishing everyone a "Happy Earth Day!" If you're reading this- I wish the same to you. It's my favorite holiday and ought to be celebrated 365.

🌎One thing that you can do to celebrate every day is to center yourself in love- in thought, word and deed. Agree that you are going to be more compassionate to yourself and those around you. Notice when your thoughts, words or actions towards yourself/others is unkind and agree to release the old way of thinking and being. In the moment of unkindness choose to re-write the pattern.

💜Begin to want to take care of yourself because you love yourself and you are worthy of living a healthy life. Carve out times for movement, deep breaths, nourishing food and lots of water. Then be sure to take time to pause and practice gratitude for all of it- the journey.

🦋Advice from this Yogi-

Love yourself and it will naturally lead to healing yourself, the people around you and the planet. It's how you raise your vibration. Also- keep inviting your inner child out to play every day in some small way.

Happy Earth Day


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