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Flow, Pleasure, Connection

This week in my classes it's going to be 2nd chakra! Svadhishana is all about flowing with life, nourishing yourself through movement and connection, and carving out time to experience pleasure. Come explore this concept with me this week. Expect curious and playful movement tied with conscious breath and philosophy sewn in.

To prepare I headed out into nature today, sat by a river,  got lost walking in the woods, spread smiles and shared light conversations with some fellow humans just for fun. One said human absolutely made my day. She carried a sweet walking stick and when I complimented her on it she told me it is her "BAS" stick, stands for "Beat Ass Stick" and anyone who messes with her gets beat in the ass with her stick, her husband carved it out for her. I absolutely loved hearing her story.  She made me laugh.  She exemplified having fun in life. It's these little  moments where the pleasure of life flows if you are open to it. Small yet meaningful moments of human connection means so much in a world filled with so much division. Just a little fun story in how the 2nd chakra theme is already showing up in my life.

See details below on how to join me virtually for hatha yoga classes.  Varied experience levels offered throughout the week see website l