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Attention: Shift In Pricing

🌟Changes are never easy but necessary adjustments always need to be made to go with the flow of life and to make sure our needs are met. It's been a long road for me to be able to confidently stand in my worth.

💜The services that I provide to the community are priceless in the personal lives of those who practice with me regularly. I do apologize for the hike, I hope you understand.

🌟On the other hand- I am making my Paid Yoga On Demand Channel Subscriptions more accessible price wise. This option is for those who can carve out time to practice on their own with my guidance via recordings of live classes.

💜Best news- All Inclusive packages are not changing! This is the most cost effective option to get all the Hatha Yoga and Soulhood goods I offer.


🕉Full livestream schedule details about all offerings:

🌟link in bio on IG🌟


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