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Why Blissful Butterfly?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Pictured here "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass.

I listen to him often and in the current lecture I am listening to he speaks this Ram Tirtha quote. I then look it up and voila- a butterfly. The choice of Blissful Butterfly Yoga for my business name was very purposeful in connection with the Yoga journey. Butterflies represent metamorphosis and transformation. This is what Yoga does- it transforms anyone who practices it. These changes start small- less stiff body, stronger core (center from which you move) muscles, a realization of how important breathing is.... then over time.... the mind becomes more clear, you crave the yoga vibe and you make conscious efforts to learn more......then eventually you realize a more harmonious state of existing because of all the work put in through slowing down, grounding, breathing, opening the heart, quieting the mind, and listening within. Yoga literally transforms you in the deepest layers of your being if you show up and dive in, over and over and over's a practice. When applied lovingly it's a journey that will last a lifetime and the practice itself will transform along with you. Quite frankly it's magical. Butterflies also represent joy, light-heartedness, playfulness, and connection to the Spirit- all things which I bring into my teaching. If this sounds interesting please reach out. Virtually I offer Yoga Therapy sessions, Private yoga, and group yoga classes. Also available for in person private group sessions. Details below on how to find me.


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