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Truth Consciousness and Bliss

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

You are a beautiful being of pure light and love. Remember your true nature. It lives just below the surface of your humanness- under your skin suit, behing the noisy mind- you are Sat-Chit-Ananda or Truth- Consciousness-Bliss. Yoga philosophy teaches that Brahman (Source/Absolute Reality) lives within each and every one of us as Atman (Spirit/Soul) and that it's true nature is Sat-Chit-Ananda. All yoga practices are designed to help you see through the veils of the material world and the forgetting to the Ultimate Reality and the remembering.

I share Yoga because it feels as if it's my duty to spread the ancient wisdom to make the world a more conscious and loving place. My style is lighthearted,  playful and trauma informed.  I offer Livestream hatha yoga 5 days a week and also have an On Demand video library. I offer classes for all experience levels. I also offer private virtual sessions.  Reach out directly with questions.  Details below for Friday's live class.


Friday's at 8am join me for Virtual Monarch Morning. A 60 minute all levels moderate hatha with a dash of vinyasa practice.

🌟Livestream through Zoom.

🌟Pre-registration required

🌟Class details and full schedule found at

🌟"Livestream Classes" Tab

🌟link in bio on IG


No worries if you can't make class time- I now have an On Demand video library with all weekly classes uploaded after class ends! Visit "Video Library" tab on website. Classes can be rented individually or you can subscribe monthly. 


🎶 Sweet Spotify playlist offered for classes, new one created weekly  to connect with theme visit "Spotify Playlist" tab on website to follow me🎶

Questions? Message


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