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Spring Has Sprung

🌸Happy Spring. The beauty of this season is precious and fleeting. Enjoy every freaking moment of nature awakening! Soak it in- this is the season that I personally look forward to every year.

💜Also- come practice Yoga with me to get yourself aligned with love so you can face all of life's seasons from a centered harmonious place.

🌟Alignment with loving kindness and compassion doesn't mean that you can't feel heavy dark emotions- it means you love yourself through it all and look for beauty and lessons even in the darkness, knowing that none of it lasts forever.

🌸Winter's chill passes, Spring's petals wilt, Summer's sun grows shorter, Autumn's leaves fall away. It is all constantly changing, we can only control how we choose to respond to it all. A regular Yoga practice can assist you with moving through the transitions and riding the waves of life with grace.

🌟Full class descriptions and all details on virtual offerings found at

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