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Living On Turtle Island

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I've had a very strange day. Upon my 1st social media scroll of the day in I saw a post which led me to learn about the Legend of Turtle Island, an indigenous people's creation story about how the land of America came to be. The story invoked in me deep feelings of sadness because I have lived on this land my entire life and I had never heard it before. I then started researching the real 1st American Thanksgiving story...the other story I was not taught as a child.

Within me I felt compelled to possibly boycott any traditional celebration of Thanksgiving this year. I cannot partake in a holiday who's roots are in the slaughtering of a nation of people. People whos ways of being are so loving, kind, and deeply connected to the Spirit of Mother Earth. I felt wounded in my soul.

I spent most of the day today deliberating what to do and have officially decided to spend the day tomorrow mourning the Native American people whose lives and lands were lost, most likely, at the hands of my blood relatives. This feels like a wound I need to heal, clear and release.

I'm also choosing to spend this "holiday" alone for the first time in my life, which is uncomfortable. I've realized through my spiritual journey that I grow the most when I intentionally put myself in uncomfortable situations so that I can sit with and process all the feelings that come with those situations.