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Rooted Foundation

Root chakra, Muladhara, lives at the base of the spine. This energetic space rules the lower body. It is the foundation of our energetic system. Our root system provides for us the feeling of safety, stability, security and support. When our primal needs are met- food, shelter, balance of rest and activity- then we feel grounded. If we get too into our head with worries or fear then we will feel shaky and ungrounded. If our basic needs are not met, or our health is poor then we are unstable and unable to progress through a spiritual journey. Yoga practices assist with getting into the body, out of the head and support the creation of a sturdy foundation for continued growth and movement forward. Come explore this concept with me this week.


Tuesday's at 9:30am EST join me for Virtual Blissful Morning. A 75 minute strong hatha with a dash of vinyasa class, familiarity with yoga recommended. Livestream through Zoom.

🌟Pre-registration required