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Reflection on Contentment

✨️I am a Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT and Experienced 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.  Pictured here is a personal reflection on the practice of the 2nd Niyama Santosha. The reflection also makes reference to the Kleshas or the Hindrances of the Mind- both philosophical concepts are written about in the Yoga Sutras.  I break down philosophical concepts to support individuals in understanding themselves a bit more through a yogic lens.

💜I currently offer virtual Yoga Therapy sessions, virtual group hatha yoga classes and host virtual monthly gatherings to help people feel supported in Spiritual community.  I also host special yoga events out in nature throughout the year. 

✨️To learn more about me and what I offer to raise the vibration of the planet one soul at a time visit 🦋link in bio on IG🦋

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