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Many Paths One Truth

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

🦋Yoga Philosophy gives several Paths of Yoga/Union and it is non-dogmatic, which means it can support any person's religious practices or be a stand alone spiritual practice. This is what makes Yoga so beautiful,  there is no "only one right way"  to even engage in the practice itself. 🌟There are as many ways to come to oneness with the spirit within as there are unique individuals on the planet. Rigidity in beliefs and condemnation of other's beliefs is what drives separation between human beings and fuels anger, bigotry, and hatred.  ☮Just a little something to contemplate... 💜What if we all realized that none of us really knows anything for sure in regards to how all of the Universe and we came to be? What if we were all able to agree that there is something much bigger than all of us that brought us here and connects us at a fundamental level? Think: many paths,  one truth, which fuels love, kindness and compassion.  🕉If interested in learning more about the 5 different paths of Yoga (Bhakti,  Jnana,  Karma,  Raja and Tantra) then stop on by this week to Livestream Classes.  Or visit my On Demand video library where I have various levels and formats of Hatha yoga classes highlighting each path! Practice with me anytime! All details found at 🌟link in bio on IG 🌟 🦋I'm also an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist. If interested in learning more about how Yoga practices and principles can be personalized to fit your needs and support you in living life as your most awesome Self reach out directly ☮🌟💜🌟🕉🦋🕉🌟💜🌟☮ #blissfulbutterfly #blissfulbutterflyyoga #yoga #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #hathayoga #yogaforall #traumainformedyoga #ciayt #yogatherapy #spiritualwisdom #peace  #love #loveyourself #selfcare #selflove #wisdom #manypathsonetruth  #yogalove #yogalife #yogaphilosophy #truth  #mentalhealth #wellness #pathsofyoga #breathe #mindfulness #meditation #stressrelief #onelove

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