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It's Never Too Late to Begin

💜Life has felt a little chaotic lately. For me I went from a few months of 0 to 100 rather quickly over the past couple weeks.

️I may be intermittent with my posting for the next few months as I recently began working with @intuitivebusinessmentor in her Aligned to Ignite 4 month Mastermind program.

💜I've been struggling with business growth and marketing strategy so decided to intentionally invest in myself and my business. I'm so lucky to have amazing people in my life like @triciaamueller who connected me with who pointed me to the program I am now officially enrolled in.

️I'm forever a student, this time just focusing my sites outside of yoga/spirituality towards a different type of self improvement.

💜 All that being said: it's never too late to learn something new! You miss all of the chance