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I Honor the Body

I honor the body vessel because it is where my Soul resides.

I do this through nourishing with food, movement,  breath,  mindfulness and awareness. 

I show up for myself daily. 

I was not always this way.

When I make my self-care a priority I am able to remain loving,  kind, thoughtful and clear.

When I don't make my self-care a priority I feel stuck, confused,  lost, alone and disturbed. 

In seeing this pattern over time I decided along the way to shift towards a more harmonious balance within my immediate environment (thoughts, behavior patterns, relationships).

I have been gifted with a lot of time alone this past year to focus on Self-study and Surrendering to a Higher Power. 

Because of this I was able to reflect in gratitude for everything that was placed on my path along the way.

Each experience,  person,  failure/success,  loss/gain- became a teacher.

Then things began to make more sense intuitively.

I learned to ride the chaos waves with more curiosity and light-heartedness.

I started to see patterns faster than before and chose new ways of being.

I chose to respond instead of react (as much as possible, I indeed still get lost at times, no doubt about that)

Because of the work I consistently put in overall I feel more grounded, peaceful, playful,  confident, loving, creative, and connected to Source. 

This personal growth then allows me to expand and share things I learn along the way as a contribution to make the world a brighter place ✨


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