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FREE Thanksgiving Yoga

✨️Attention! Free Thanksgiving Yoga!

🧡The holiday season can be an extremely stressful time for varying reasons. 

✨️As a gift to the community I am offering a free accessible group yoga class Livestream on Zoom at 9:15am EST on Thanksgiving day morning!

💜The format of Purple Spotted Morning is kind of like a group Yoga Therapy session. The first half of class is gentle targeted movement, divinely inspired by specific individuals who show up. Meaning- students tell me areas they'd like to open/support and I weave together a unique class based on what they ask for.

✨️The second half is a guided mix of stress relief tools such as breathwork, relaxation, meditation and visualization.

🧡Use code 'THANKYOU' at checkout to practice on me. 

✨️Please share with those who might be interested!

🕉Register on Livestream Classes tab at

⬆️Also all about me⬆️

✨️link in bio on IG ✨️


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