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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

If I had a dime for each moment I experienced someone attempting to deny or stifle my expression of truth....I would have a shit ton of dimes. The throat chakra has been the most unbalanced and variable energy center throughout my life. As I child I was surrounded by people who lied to me, to the world and to themselves. Those same people also denied my reality and attempted to keep me quiet through threats and violence. Lies are the demon of this chakra, in turn I either a: lashed out with words and anger or b: shut down because I felt like my truth wasn't understood. It took me many years with lots of conscious effort to heal and balance through singing, chanting, writing and good old fashioned talk therapy...and I have finally come to a place where I can creativity express my truth in a balanced way. This means I can also hold space to allow others to feel heard. These are two pillars of a balanced throat: speaking your truth AND listening to others speak their truth. Another aspect of listening involves being able to shut out the noise of the world and to cultivate a quiet peaceful environment within, tuning into the voice of the highest Self. When we do this then and only then Divine wisdom and guidance can be heard. One way to cultivate the inner quiet is through a consistent yoga practice.

If this resonates with you and you're interested in learning more, join me through my virtual hatha yoga classes where I guide breathing, movement, mindfulness and relaxation techniques centered around philosophical themes. This week it's all about the Throat chakra!

Details on how to practice with me below.


Tuesday's at 9:30am EST join me for Virtual Blissful Morning. A 75 minute strong hatha with a dash of vinyasa class, familiarity with yoga recommended. Livestream through Zoom.

🌟Pre-registration required

🌟Class details and full schedule found at

🌟"Livestream Classes" Tab

🌟link in bio on IG


No worries if you can't make class time- I now have an On Demand video library with all weekly classes uploaded after class ends! Visit "Video Library" tab on website.


🎶 Sweet Spotify playlist offered for classes, new one created weekly to connect with theme visit "Spotify Playlist" tab on website to follow me🎶

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