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Dear Deer Spirit

💜If we look for it, the Source of all creation speaks to us. One way that Spirit speaks to me is through animals. Deer specifically show up for me at important moments in my life.

🦌These 2 photos were taken recently, the top one this morning,  the bottom a few weeks ago. Both sightings occurred while I was with children,  coincidence I think not.

✨️Along with my personal duty on this planet to spread love,  truth and Yoga to adults in a lighthearted,  playful and trauma informed way,  I also have a very special relationship with children. My focus with kids is different, mostly I support children through being a safe adult who meets them where they are at without expectations. This means I let kids be who they are within safe boundaries and check myself quite often.  I focus on appropriate communication of their wants/needs, regulation of their emotional & sensory systems and staying safe with their bodies/others.

💜Above all I model loving kindness, compassion, patience and what it looks like to apologize when I am unable to keep my cool.  I am not perfect at this but actively work on staying centered with children so as to not take my shit out on them, they are innocent. I do all of this mainly because I didn't have an adult that did that for me regularly as I child. I am a walking example of how that impacts social/emotional development and why it's so important.  I am also a walking example of how people can change and create a better world for the younger generations.

✨️Deer are a confirmation that I am on track. Even though I might not see the next step ahead as I maneuver the magical mystery of life, the Divine has given me a sure sign that it's all good.

💜Whatever you do,  do it with all your heart. Don't worry if you can't put yourself into a box or if you don't look like everyone else.  Dare to be you and to make the world brighter in only ways that you can through allowing yourself to shine.  Also, be sure to look around once in awhile, remember your connection to nature and be open to how the Divine speaks to you.


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