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Falling Into Self-care

🍁Currently I am in love with Autumn. There is just something about the colors and vibes that have me head over heels.

🍂I spent the better part of the last 2 weeks cooped up in my small 1 bedroom apartment. What brought me the most comfort was the view of the yellow and orange maples right outside my window. What kept me grounded was the ability to put my feet on the Earth to soak up the healing vibrations of our lovely planet. Luckily I then got out to a local park.

🍁I haven't gotten much "work" done in the past 2 weeks and right about now I couldn't care less about it. What I did get plenty of was self-care.

🍂2020 gave me the ability to apply healthy tools and coping mechanisms during trying times. These past 2 weeks I dove head first into my care. For me those tools are: trusting that no matter what I am supported, practicing gratitude, rest balanced with nourishing movement, healthy whole foods, lots of water, tea, breathwork, mindful stillness, prayer, contemplation, self reflection, time in nature, writing, reading, learning from/listening to resonant teachers and finding things that make me smile/laugh.

🍁 All of this has me feeling quite blessed, balanced and healthy. Tools work if you use them- I am living breathing proof.

🦋If curious about learning how to cultivate a regular self care practice with me as your guide, reach out!

✨️All details about what I offer found at

✨️link in bio

🕉Most services are virtual so distance is not a barrier to working with me!



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