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Many Thanks & Free Smiles

✨️Tonight I had a table at a South Jersey Ladies Night gathering, #BlissfulButterflyYoga 's 3rd vending event ever. I enjoyed spreading the news about my offerings in person. 

💜The healing effects of #YogaTherapy#traumainformedyoga , a regular #yogapractice and #mindfulnessinnature settings are all passions of mine to talk about,  which comes through strongly when speaking with individuals.

✨️I have a hard time boxing myself up, and  offer a little bit for everyone. I discovered tonight that my niche is asking people about what is going on in their body and life,  then shining light on what might be able to help them specifically.

💜Sometimes I offered a suggested technique, a physical or mental modification,  a variation on a pose, a breath exercise, a philosophical concept, a lens such as the chakra system for energetic healing, a class to meet their body where its at, yoga therapy sessions to support a specific need, or the name of a friend who does something that might aid them if what I offer doesn't quite align. At the very minimum I offered free stickers and free smiles.

✨️I also networked with fellow small businesses for collaboration and got some leads on spaces seeking yoga.

💜I've recently been struggling with how to market myself. Tonight reminded me of the importance of getting myself out in the community more and making continued connections.

✨️Besides all that above jazz I got to rock my newest red beauty curly bob #wig , and normalize the conversation around #androgenicalopecea , #femalehairloss and #fakehairdontcare with those who complimented my hairdo.

💜I even had some inspirational ideas come through and am super #grateful,  as my current intention is #clarity

☮️Many Thanks to:

✨️Divine Source for all you do.

💜 @Haddonfield_Floral_company for the beautiful bouquet pictured here. 

✨️@jfkliving for presenting the event.

💜@sun_newspapers for organizing the event.

✨️@Collingswoodgrandballroom for hosting the event.

💜@cymplicitysoap for my nickname Miranda and for the future collab idea.

✨️Elizabeth Mangino  for your vote of confidence in me and gifting me this vending event

🦋All about what I do to raise the vibration of the

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