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Appreciate The Journey

✨️Appreciate each step of your journey.

💜Love yourself just as you are in this moment, a perfectly imperfect work in progress.

✨️Accept circumstances in your life just as they are- even if you don't like them-

💜Even when you are confused and in the darkness- you are exactly where you need to be, for now.

✨️Know that nothing stays the same forever and this too shall pass.

💜Just keep going. Breath by breath, day by day, step by step, trusting that you are supported by unseen forces and that there must be a reason behind it all.

✨️Be sure to make time to talk to your creator and form a personal relationship with the Divine.

💜Also- reach out to others for support when you feel lost and alone. Humans need one another- so be sure to seek assistance!

✨️I 100% would not be where I am and who I am today without the plethora of support over the years from family, friends, guides, healers, teachers and therapists.

💜I was an active participant in my healing and recovery journey from developmental and spiritual trauma.

✨️This is why I am now a Certified Yoga Therapist, so I can support others in their healing journeys who are a few steps behind.

💜I use the ancient practices and principles of Classical Yoga philosophy as tools to support individuals in caring for and understanding themselves on a deeper level. I also teach the importance of whole self nutrition: physical, energetic, sensory/emotional, intellectual/intuitive and spiritual.

✨️I offer accessible virtual group classes to support cultivation of an at home yoga practice and I offer virtual Yoga Therapy sessions to go deeper with individuals.

💜 All details of offerings:

⬆️Also all about me ⬆️

✨️link in bio


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