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Inspirational Poem

💜Hope you enjoy this week's Svasana reading.

✨️You still have three opportunities left this week to practice with me Livestream. All remaining classes are beginner friendly!

🧡Sleepy Orange Evening: Wednesdays at 7pm EST, gentle movement.

💜Purple Spotted Morning: Thursdays at 9:15am EST, half gentle targeted movement, half guided mix of stress relief tools.

💛 Clouded Yellow Morning: Fridays at 10am EST, VinYin, half gentle strengthening, half passive opening.

✨️1st class free code "1FREE" at checkout

🕉New Student Deal, Package & Subscription options

💜Yoga Therapy sessions available to work 1:1 with me to support overall wellness. I specialize in stress relief and teaching Self-love.

🎶Spotify playlists offered for most formats.


✨️All about me & offerings:

✨️link in bio on IG


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