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Winter Solstice Ritual Burn Ceremony

🔥We all need to let go of some shit that is weighing us down energetically,  emotionally and mentally.  The ritual burn is an opportunity to hold yourself accountable to intentionally let that shit go...

🔥The Winter Solstice is in 2 weeks!  To celebrating I am hosting a virtual Ritual Burn Ceremony that anyone can attend from the comfort of their own homes. This gathering is intended to provide a space for those on a spiritual yoga journey to share, be seen and to connect with others seeking community support. 

️I will lead a sacred share space, and a group releasing through fire of that which no longer serves the highest good of those in attendance. Consider me a conduit for Spirit during the ceremony. We will then call in energies for the coming months together as a group.  It doesn't matter how far away we are from one another, the energetics of the Spiritual works across all distances.

🔥Gathering is 90 minutes and costs $15