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Saturday Inspiration

💜A little inspirational true story for you. The Divine Source works through us in magical and mysterious ways. Never underestimate the impact of showing kindness to a fellow human being. Also trust in always being in the right place at the right time, even if it doesn't seem like it at first.

✨️On 9.4.22 I drove to Brigantine NJ to watch the sunrise. Upon getting out of my car I accidentally locked my keys and phone inside. I approached a gentleman, Bob, doing his morning walk and calisthenics, explained to him what happened and asked to use his phone. Eventually roadside assistance came and let me into my car. Thanks to the kindness of strangers that day, I felt a little less alone and I tapped into faith in the goodness of humans.

💜The first picture is the sunrise from Bob's phone and a fun photo shoot I did that day after getting into my car. Bob told me that day that it wasn't him who helped me, as he pointed to the sky.

✨️This evening, 11.12.22 I was given an opportunity from the Universe to show kindness to a couple souls in need. I pulled into a Target parking lot and parked directly next to a woman who had accidentally locked her phone and keys inside her car with a crying 3 year old inside. Both mom and baby were ok but scared. I called the local police and they arrived in under 10 minutes to save the day.

💜 Before the police arrived I supported soothing mom through inviting deep breaths to help get herself centered so she could be a grounding force for her little one. I left after I knew they were safe and when I came back to my car I found this note, see 2nd picture.

✨️My heart overflowed with love and gratitude for my ability to show up just in time to help someone in need.

💜I hope you found this heartwarming. The end.


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