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Your Spirit Is Calling

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Hello?! Your Spirit Is Calling...

Where is the voice of your Soul heard?

Not in a constant state of ease

The God within is often heard in the grace found through the struggle of releasing

Dancing with discomfort

Practice the art of letting go

This is how we grow to know the truth of who we are

Pushing our own edges with love, kindness and compassion

Spirit is heard not in the scream, but in the whispered silence surrounding the storm

In the pauses

The in between's

Clarity and strength found through the effort-full surrender

Of everything you thought you knew

Opening to the beauty of the unknown

Tuning into the lessons written in the wind

To find balance in the chaos

Be still in the present moment

Stop looking for answers outside

Instead go within

Trust yourself

Release your grip on the past

No more expectations, judgments, or fears running the show

Out with the old way of being

Make space to embrace the future as it unfolds

Fall into the mystery, with appreciation, curiosity and sheer enjoyment of the ride

In with the new way of being

It takes learning to sit in stillness...

Stillness is scary says the mind, there are more important things to do

Stillness is impossible says the emotions, it's better to keep moving

Stillness is irrelevant says the senses, there are so many other things to pay attention to

Stillness is necessary says the Spirit, it's where my voice can truly be heard

Don't fret my pet if it seems unattainable to you to sit still and just be

I promise in the ultimate reality of who you really are you can find this place eventually

It will just take courage, determination, faith, patience, persistence, and love to journey down the path to Your Highest Self one step at a time

Yoga is a tool to train your body, breath, senses, emotions and thinking mind to begin the process of slowing down

Then eventually leads you into stillness where the magic happens ✨

To practice with me virtually visit

I'm an E-500 RYT and C-IAYT which means I'm an experienced Yoga Teacher and Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist with strength in adapting practice for who shows up.


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