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Why I Do What I Do

💜I have spent the past 20 years learning about the practices and philosophy of Yoga. In the beginning, I will admit, that I saw Yoga as simply a physical exercise that I was "good" at because I could get into extreme balances, bends, folds and twists. Then, slowly over time, I began to understand the depth of the practices. I studied with many teachers, I did a lot of self reflection, I leaned into ancient philosophical concepts and applied them in my life.

✨️Each day/month/year I began to shift, change and incrementally transform. I was a very broken person for a long time, stemming from a traumatic childhood. Luckily for me, finding Yoga in my early 20's saved me. Now I am nothing like that angry, bitter, clinical, sarcastic girl that I once was. I am so grateful that the ancient practices of Yoga gave me tools to transform my trauma into life lessons, and gave me a sense of who I really am at my core- which is love.

💜As I transformed myself step by step, I began teaching Yoga. In the beginning I taught mainly just the physical. Then over time, as my personal work and understanding grew, so did my teaching. Now my teaching is deeply rooted in ancient philosophical concepts and my style is lighthearted, playful and trauma informed- because I understand the importance of doing the work in a compassionate way and making it all more accessible, practical and less intimidating.

✨️I share what I know because it has helped me so much and I want to support others in being able to do the hard work of peeling away the layers of fear and trauma to find acceptance, forgiveness, love and an embodiment of their authentic true Selves.

💜Sometimes I want to give up and feel like a failure when the number of students in my classes is low, or when no one shows up...then one student makes a comment like the one pictured and I'm reminded of why I do what I do.

✨️Success is not in numbers but in the quality of services and I can assuredly say that what I offer is priceless and life changing.

💜If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about group Hatha Yoga, individual Yoga Therapy and/or group therapeutic sharing spaces please reach out directly

✨️All details on what I currently offer to heal hearts and inspire souls found at


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